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Family Destruction and Survival in the Soviet Union: War and its Aftermath

The majority of European Jews who survived the Holocaust did so by being deported to the interior of the Soviet Union or fleeing there. Life in “Siberia” (which sometimes was other parts of the Soviet hinterland) or later Central Asia, was hard but vastly superior to living under Nazi occupation. In this richly illustrated lecture, Professor Atina Grossmann of the Cooper Union, examines the lives of Jews who found themselves in “Siberia” and Central Asia, how they made do, and what they found when they returned to Poland and later Germany. This lecture was presented as part of the STAJE Summer Seminar and Advanced Institute 2020. Shoah Teaching Alternatives for Jewish Educators (STAJE) and the Advanced Institute are professional development programs for teachers in Jewish schools and in public (and parochial) schools, respectively.

We acknowledge in appreciation the Jewish Conference of Material Claims Against Germany for supporting this educational program. Through recovering the assets of the victims of the Holocaust the Claims Conference enables organizations around the world to provide education about the Shoah and to preserve the memory of those who perished.