A Few Words About the Project

The Burnt Childhood project aims to collect memories of the "children of war," today's retirees, about their evacuation, flight from the Hitler's army and life in the rear during World War II.


The initiators of the project: The association Union of Immigrant Scientists
Public Movement For Better Future (Hazit haKavod).


With participation of The Memorial Complex of the Holocaust and Heroism of the Jewish People (Yad Vashem).


Financial support:
Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany (Claims Conference)

The first work of the project, the book Evacuation. Memories of Childhood Scorched by Fire of the Holocaust. The Soviet Union, 1941-1945, Jerusalem, 2009 is in fact the first major publication on Jewish refugees during the Second World War. For many decades the information of their unique destinies was hushed up. Unlike other groups, Jews had no chance to survive under the Nazi power. After all, the Nazis planned neither to rehabilitate Jews, nor make them work for the Reich, or even turn them into dumb slaves. Total destruction was the only fate prepared for Jews by Nazi degenerates. But evacuation and escape from the Germans did not always save the persecuted. Anti-Semitism of the "ordinary Soviet people" could cut Jewish life short like a bullet.

"...a boys’ company caught me on the bridge, twisted arms, tied a noose around my neck and led away explaining to the curious adults, "We’re going to hang the Zhid." And the adults grunted sympathetically..." says Michael Heifetz.
Such things are never forgotten.
The purpose of the book and the website is to keep the memories of those years, show the war through the children’s eyes. To show not only the horror but also the bright features of the people manifested in those terrible years. The proof is the numerous "Righteous among the Nations."
We try to publish everything that can be found. Only in this way the truthful picture of Jewish life in the Soviet Union during the war can be restored.
The work is not finished.
We are waiting for new material: memoirs, diaries, letters and photographs of those years.
We rely on you, dear readers.
Let the L-rd extend your days!


Project team:
Dr. Alexander Berman, author and director of the Project
Alla Nikitina, editor
Studio 2w-design, design and programming
Sergei Makarov
, translator
Dr. Igor Kogan, manager and editor of the website.